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Taking it to Another Level – Be Fruitful & Multiply by Darryl Whiting

Quick Overview

In book II of Takin’ It To Another Level, Frost is in the process of tracking down those responsible for kidnapping Solo, while the future of the Gangsters’ Consortium is compromised when he and his crew are caught slippin’ by a team of drug task force agents.


In book II of Takin’ It To Another Level, Frost is in the process of tracking down those responsible for kidnapping Solo, while the future of the Gangsters’ Consortium is compromised when he and his crew are caught slippin’ by a team of drug task force agents.

At the same time, to further complicate matters, G is put under pressure when Boston homicide detectives investigating the disappearance of one of his cooperating co-defendants discover his body buried in a wooden box in a secluded area being ravished by fire ants, and place him under investigation for kidnapping and murder.

Simultaneously, the Gangsters’ Consortium’s, Street Vigilante Unit has started its campaign of exterminating rats across the country. The headline news stories of their dramatic killings are ringing in the streets, successfully causing widespread fear and panic among rats, their families and their friends.

As the Gangsters’ Consortium is being fruitful and multiplying, their ranks swell to nearly 10,000 within 2 years with individuals and gangs from various ethnic groups claiming affiliation in 12 states.

And with G’s and Frost’s long range plan to commercialize bangin’ taking hold, Frost is offered another proposition that he cannot refuse by a major heroin exporter, who has heard of the GC’s operation and can greatly benefit from their continuing expansion.

Meanwhile, opposition from midlevel suppliers, distributors begins to rise as heads of crews in the streets start to rally their forces to try and prevent the Gangsters’ Consortium from pulling their workers, taking over their neighborhoods and becoming a powerful distribution monopoly.

But when a plot to kidnap Frost goes drastically wrong, leaving him in a coma clinging on with life support, the fate of the Gangsters’ Consortium is left hanging in the balance…

The Kybalion Reconciled by A Good Shepherd


The popular occult classic The Kybalion, based upon the seven Principles of Hermes, was written in obscurantism, Half truths, and Paradoxes for the students and seekers of Absolute Truth to Reconcile. It deals in philosophy, religion, idealism, duality, and esoterics from which all have much of their roots.

The Kybalion Reconciled is written in understandable Absolute Truths intuiteded from being one with The Substanial reality, the Universe, and Thine Self. It deals as well in philosophy, metaphysics, religion, theology and science. It reconciles things written in obscurance, half truths and paradoxes for all beings to understand, so that they may pursue their higher purpose of living according to The Way of God with higher ideals and conscientious devotion as being one with The Substantial Reality, the Universe, and Thy Self, to establish perfect alignment, harmony, agreement, correspondence, balance, and Pure Love throughout The One Universe.

January 1, 2013 marked the beginning of the transmutation from a Dark Age into an Age of Light where there will no longer be a pendulum swing from Light to Darkness and an Indrawing of the Universe. For a permanent Golden Age will evolve starting in this Age of Aquarius.

In this prophesied work, The Kybalion Reconciled, the Absolute Truth of suffering, of the cessation of suffering, of the path, right understaning, right thought, right concentration, right mindfulness, right speech, right effort, right action, and right livelihood will be revealed and the higher degrees of the laws are made known to all, to put to Rest the opposing laws by awaking from Rest the infinitely higher degress of consciousness, super-consciousness, and sub-consciousness by deneutralizing the Effct on them. Half Truths will be transmuted to its opposite of Absolute truth, idealism to materalism with the perception of the nature of the universe being trinitism consisting of the three fundamental aspect of mental, physical, and spiritual matter, duality to similarity, complexity to simplicity, esoteric to intended for and to be understood by all, disputable to the undisptubale, impermances to permances, and atheism to theism.

The Absolue Truth by A Good Shepherd


From the scriptures, we know that Moses was well learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptian, Acts 7:22. This would undoubtedly include teachings from the books of Enoch, and Thoth/Hermes/Mechizedek that the Egyptians possessed and taught them in Genesis in obscurance, half truths, and paradoxes that could only be understood by those possessing the systematic keys to reconcile them.

In the introduction to the New American Bible it says: “Genesis contains many religious teachings of basic importance.” Among those are Enochian, Egyptian, and Sumerian. And it is taught and believed that the creation stories of man in Genesis 1:26 and 2:7 are two versions of the same story, one narrative, the priestly, the other Yahwist. However, in Absolute Truth, they are stories of the two creations of Man, one by God and Goddess, the Enochian, the other by the Anunnaki, called or referred to in the Bible as the Anaki Numbers 13:22, 33, the Sumerian.
The reconciliation of these two stories is that before the beginning of space and time, there was nothing but light, because God was all that existed. He had only the attributes of The All, The One, and omnipresence. Then The All, desiring companionship decided to create from itself its female aspect.

In Genesis 1:1-4 Moses says: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

This half truth reconcile is that in the beginning of objective creation God and Goddess subtracted the attribute of omnipresence from themselves and added the attribute of creator by creating space outside of themselves. And there was nothing there but darkness because of the absence of their presence or light. Then they subtracted the attribute of The ALL by creating from themselves and nothing mental, physical, and spiritual organic and inorganic energy matter, or the primordial water, from which to create things in the space.