Editorial Services

One of the best ways to increase the selling power of your book is to make sure it is well written. Get the most out of your writing efforts by utilizing one of several Corona Crown Publishing’s Editorial Services. Editorial Services are the processes and procedures that a book goes through to become a polished and honed manuscript. There is no substitute for proofreading and editing, and unfortunately when an author proofs and edits his or her own book, typos and other editorial problems will slip through.

Standard Services

There are certain “standard” editorial processes each and every book receives when we do this work for an author. These processes include proofreading, copyediting, and/or development editing. Copyediting is the single most important service because it makes or breaks every book´s editorial success.


This service provides a “nuts and bolts” check of your grammar. It is done by an experienced editor who corrects basic errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax as he or she works through your entire manuscript.
Cost: $0.17/word

Copy Editor

Proofreading is good. It catches basic mistakes. Most manuscripts, however, benefit from a Copy Editor who spends time on structure, flow and consistency. Our Editors work through manuscripts from start to finish, often reading each work in its entirety two or three times. They look for all of the items a Proofreading Editor seeks, but also address sentence structure, outline, word choice, flow, tense and consistency. Our Editors add queries and suggest basic structural changes. The objective is to improve readability. This is our most often-used editorial service.
Cost: $0.25/word

Literary Editor

Also known as a Production Editor, this service includes all of the tasks performed by the Copyeditor, but adds a VERY in-depth analysis of your storyline, character development, focus, and overall structure. If yours is a business or technical book, this Editor focuses on how well you have communicated your topic and the depth to which you have addressed issues and provided solutions. In a work of fiction or a non-fiction narrative, this Editor works on character development and consistency, stylistic methodologies, and storyline progression. “Traditional” publishers consider this service the most critical to produce an anticipated “best seller.”
Cost: $0.27/word