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Based in Corona Queens, New York.

Founded in 2009, Corona Crown Publishing LLC is a small publishing company based and originated in Corona Queens New York. We specialize in urban fiction/ non-fiction books and novels.

Featured Publication

Tyrell “Frost” Montgomery is a small time drug dealer and gangbanger who’s tired of the senseless gang killings and the non-productive way that gangs are living. He wants change and to do something about it, but doesn’t know how. That’s until infamous ex-drug kingpin and rebel 5%er Darryl “God” Whiting comes home from federal prison after serving twenty years of a life sentence for engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise and he gets him to take him under his wing for some schooling. Then as G seeks revenge on eight of his former underlings, who betrayed him and forty two of his other confederates by cooperating with the government against them, he teaches Frost how to unify the gangs through unity of purpose, commercialize bangin’ by forming a drug distribution franchise called the Gangsters Consortium, and build a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate as they change the face of bangin’ by TAKIN’ IT TO ANOTHER LEVEL.

“An often engaging crime story with solid characters and a grand setup that will make readers anticipate a sequel.” -Kirkus Review.